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6 Eating habits to prevent developing multiple sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis meaning is a chronic nerve damaging brain disease which affects spinal cord as well causing many side effects like speech impediment, blurry vision, headache, dizziness, fatigue and numbness in body parts. It is a long lasting disease with worst effects, however can get better with changing our eating habits,  cause of this disease still raises questions by all doctors around the world  but one of the main causes that aggravates it is smoking. There is no doubt about it that a healthy diet can prevent or reduce chances of almost any disease to attack you, 7 main eating habits can play a major role in prevention of developing multiple sclerosis or reducing the symptoms of patient already dealing with this disease. Some of the tips are 

Don’t go overboard with salt and sugar 

White sugar is equivalent to poison and can cause a lot of damage to your overall health. Too much of salt causes bloating and inflammation in the body. Avoiding white sugar and replacing it with natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, brown sugar can cause your body a lot good as your body doesn’t need too much of it and you can track and control the amount of flavor enhancers going in your body. Himalayan salt is much more beneficial than table salt, making these small changes in our lifestyle will bring great results. 

Beware of emulsifiers 

Emulsifiers are flavor enhancers which are hidden all over processed and junk food to make it more appealing and flavorsome. Cut them out of your life and you will know how much junk and processed food you were consuming all your life. Keep your food and life simple to avoid complex diseases like multiple sclerosis and cancer etc. 

Be Natural 

Avoid any possible processed meat like hotdogs, nuggets, and zinger, McDonalds etc. these meats are loaded with artificial flavorings and colourings that they don’t even retain anything natural in them and are extremely unhealthy and unfit to consume by a healthy body. Natural organic fresh meat is a lot healthier option and a great source of protein as well 

Do go near refined carbs 

Refined carbs are unfortunately all over our lives and our worst enemy at the moment. America is touching the highest obesity and multiple sclerosis cases due to high consumption of highly processed and refined carbohydrates and carbonated beverages like cola. Standard American diet consists typically of a hamburger, French fries and a huge glass of cola. They are highest number of McDonalds and Kfc franchises in the world. 

Avoid plastic 

Unfortunately our world is being extremely polluted by plastic. There is plastic all over in our houses, roads, rivers, oceans etc. plastic has titanium dioxide and unfortunately can alleviates multiple sclerosis. Use glass jars for storage and paper bags for carrying stuff 

Eat more fermented foods. 

Fermented foods causes growth of a healthy bacteria and boost gut health. Healthy gut improves overall immunity of the body to fight against harmful cells to attack body. Yogurt and pickle are some of the good examples of fermented foods and should be used in our daily diet to improve immunity and gut health. Avoiding alcohol is a must, as it is the worst thing for your gut. It damages overall gut lining killing the good bacteria exposing your body to be attacked with number of diseases including multiple sclerosis. 

Life is a beautiful gift and a blessing of God take good care of it with minimal effort to enjoy life long results. Unfortunately ms disease is a life threatening disease with worst symptoms but can be avoidable or at least reduce able with developing good eating habits and keeping in mind some basic tips to include in our daily lives to prevent threatening diseases and live a healthy life. Diet is one thing that can give you your life back and it’s proven. Simple and minimal eating habits will give your body and mind its health back.  

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