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6 Reasons To Have Your Wedding On The Beach

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When you’re trying to decide where to get married, there are many potential venues that come to mind and even more suggestions that come from friends, family and people you speak to along the way. One of the most popular places to get married is on a beach, and while you are guaranteed to know somebody who has tied the knot on the sand, it’s still a unique and interesting place to celebrate your big day.  

 It makes for incredible photographs 

While you can always go to the beach afterwards for your wedding photographs, there’s nothing quite like having your official photographs on the beach. Not only can you pose afterwards with a beautiful backdrop in the form of the sea or ocean, but as you say your vows and make the marriage official, you can have these photographs and videos on the beach too.  

It’s easier than you think  

It’s quite easy to find a wedding celebrants Sydney Northern Beaches, but make sure you find one which is going to be right for your wedding. You might avoid beaches and other outdoor venues for your wedding as you may believe that it’s difficult to tie the knot here; however, this is certainly not the case and you can easily find someone to marry you both.  

You can celebrate your honeymoon in a nearby location 

You can save money and time by celebrating your honeymoon straight after the wedding, either in the same location or by travelling slightly to a nearby destination that is equally beautiful. If you’re definitely tying the knot on a beach, this is worth considering since you could save plenty of valuable money and time.  

Providing entertainment to the guests is easier  

When you get married in a church or hall, you have to think about what to do in order to keep your guests entertained. Is there enough music and enough space for them to dance? However, on a beach, many of the guests will be happy to spend time on the sand, go out on a boat or spend time participating in beach sports and activities together.  

You can escape to the sun 

If you don’t live near the coast, it’s a great opportunity and an excuse to spend some extra time on the beach. Many of the wedding guests will also be very happy to come along to a wedding that is taking place on the beach, and although it might be slightly more costly for them to travel to, it will be worth it.  

You can customise the wedding to how you want it 

Like weddings in other venues, there is no right or wrong way to do it. You can have a glamourous affair with all the extras, or you can keep it simple and enjoy the beauty, tranquillity and peace of the beach itself. It’s entirely up to you and that’s one of the great things about choosing a beach wedding.  

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