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Benefits of Freestanding Baths

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Do you know that in 19th century the freestanding baths made of iron or steel material are consider as too much luxurious item, that only the wealth peoples are lucky enough to own it?  

As technology advances the freestanding baths are now available in wide range of materials with beautifully sculpted designs in the plethora of sizes. These features of freestanding baths are offered at broader affordable price range. This is the result of development success of manufacturers that they help to reduce prices and make an efficient use of materials. Freestanding baths are not only a luxury to own, but a great investment for your property also. When you will be selling your property, it will be great appeal to the buyers.   

Soak the Luxury: 

The presence of freestyle bath provides the centre piece and gives a feeling of style, quality and can be a look changer fir both modern and traditional bathrooms. The great quality of freestanding bath is its capability to coordinate with your home and bathroom decor. The freestanding bath can be built into a wall, or in the corner. It can be easily adjusted under shower also.   

While many freestanding baths in Sydney are adopting modernism, but the traditional and classical Victorian freestanding bath is remained timeless. The Victorian freestanding bath is a great option for those who are looking for a traditional bathroom look with a touch of modern style. If you have designed your entire home on vintage theme, then you should go with modern approaches freestanding baths so that they match with your interior perfectly.  

The beauty of freestanding baths is that they are customizable. You can easily print the designs that matches exactly to your wall to create the perfectly theme bathroom. 

Classic Roll Top: 

The classic roll top bath is a freestanding bath that has curved edges. These curve edges are like beautiful curved lips, intended to provide a more comfortable bathing experience. Most of the classic roll top baths are dual skinned. Made of acrylic sandwich together, solid, having excellent thermal properties. They are known for keeping your bathing tub water warm and the surface of the tub safe to touch. 

Classic roll top freestanding baths are available in the variety of dimensions and style to meet your requirements and need perfectly. The classic roll top baths are also known as fit-for-all bathtubs, their deep architecture makes it perfect for every size of member present in your family. This deep architecture provides your more comfort as well.  Following the design of Victorian freestanding baths, classic roll tops stand on their feet to keep the floor dray and clean.  

Slipper Bath: 

Here comes another type of freestanding bath, The slipper bath. The slipper bath is an iconic style bathtub that originated from Victorian era. Just like classic roll top, it features curved top and the traditional design that the bath should be raised from floor on its feet. The variation of the traditional slipper bath is double end slipper bath. Another name for double end slipper bath is Boat bath. The shape of slipper bath is oblong and it actual looks vaguely just like a slipper from the side view. The one end of the classical slipper bath is slightly prolonged and deeper than other ends. This shape of slipper bath is designed specially to provide you more support and comfort while bathing.  

The slipper bath in the Victorian era was made using cast iron coated with enamel. But in present times, slipper baths are available in the variety of materials including acrylic and steel. The 19th century slipper baths are now upgraded to match perfectly according to your need and style of your bathroom showroom in Sydney and home.  

Double Ended Bath: 

Double ended bath is ideal to share a romantic bath with your loved one. It is designed specially to facilitate bathers to face each other in either direction. Some are designed extra-long, keeping this scenario in mind to ensure extra comfort and luxury.  

Where to buy? 

If you are confused about from where to make purchase of these luxurious bathtubs, then we have a solution to your problem. IT (Initial Tiles) is one of the renowned best seller company. You will be in safe hands while making purchase from the.

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