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Certification III in Mechanical Engineering – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

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Our world is a strange place. We live in a system where our liberty is defined by material units in our pocket. The more units we have, the more freedom we get. The access to this freedom is earned. One must travel the path of learning and mastering a skill. We look towards successful people and try to imitate them. We copy them. But eventually, we improvise and find our own skill set. To acquire a set of skill set certificate iii engineering mechanical trade is a serious option. For young youth it a clear path to a secure blue colour job. The salaries are enough to afford all the utilities of life. We will satisfy curiosity with details of the industry and what a certificate holder can do. 

What is the mechanical industry? 

Mechanical industry is a conglomerate of all machinery production, service, repair, and up-gradation. Domestic, commercial, and industrial operations are running due to the mechanical industry. Our transport is done by mechanical means. This industry requires a large number of skilled persons. And skills vary in nature. Every machine needs the job of a skilled person.  

Mechanical industry is a job creator in our world. Many young persons are finding careers in mechanical industry. 

What are air-conditioning and refrigeration? 

Air-conditioning is a process of sucking out heat from a closed space by means of cold air. And refrigeration is maintaining the temperature at a fixed point in a box or enclosed space. Air conditioning and refrigeration have a wide application in our world. No house is complete without a refrigerator. Commercial buildings have big units of air conditioning. Cold storages are big refrigerators. The machinery of air conditioning and refrigeration is complex. Its repair requires skilled persons. And this skill is learned at least in three years. 

What is certification III? 

It is a certificate that proves the completion of the study and training of the individual. This certificate takes three years to complete. Teachers teach the principles and techniques of air conditioning and refrigeration. The course enables a person to have a solid foundation in theory and practice. The holder of this certificate can demand a standard salary for working at any company. 

What students will learn? 

Experienced professionals teach students the following: 

●    What is workplace safety, how to carry it out professionally? How to work safely in the mechanical industry. 

●    How to give first aid? What to do during an accident situation? 

●    How to use tools of air conditioning and refrigeration? How to do electrical wiring? How to use the equipment? 

●    What are the drawings? What are the specifications? 

●    Way to identify refrigerants. How to handle them? 

●    How to service cooling system? How to repair them? 

●    How to install piping? How to do electrical circuits? How to do tubing? 

●    How to write site documents? How to maintain them? 

●    How to purchase tools and parts for refrigeration and air conditioning? 

●    How to deliver service to customers? How to state a quotation for services? 

Air conditioning and refrigeration a good career option 

Mechanical industry is a huge industry. Every metropolitan has hundreds of commercial buildings. Every building requires an air-conditioning unit. And every unit requires at least a team of professionals. Every industry needs cooling plants. There is a continuous need for service and maintenance. Therefore, the demand for this profession will never run dry. One can tie high hopes with this profession. A person who has spent more than a decade in this field can own service business. Air conditioning and refrigeration services are year-round business. One can rely on only the skills of refrigeration for his bread and butter. There are less workfree days for these professionals. 

Conclusion – Last Verdict:  

For a person who is not good with academic skills, the mechanical industry shed umbrella on its head. The work of air conditioning and refrigeration professional is not much technical. It requires a little brain to understand the insides and outsides of the industry. With the knowledge of theory, the practice starts. As practice reach a level, the person becomes master at it. And this mastery will earn him the money for his living. An honest day living is always a satisfying living

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