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Easily Finance Your Equipment with AtlasBroker.

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For anyone who owns a construction company or works within the construction-related industry knows how much it costs to even rent a common construction vehicle from trucks to other earthmoving machinery.  And buying one is almost always out of the question. The cost of one of these trucks or excavators would put a huge dent in a small construction company’s account.  

Due to this enormous cost, equipment finance companies have cropped up all over the construction industry so small businesses, or even well-established ones, can use the facility of equipment finance in Melbourne.  

This is where Atlas Broker comes into play. 


Atlas Broker is an equipment finance company that started in 2011 and quickly became a leading contender amongst Australia’s equipment finance broker houses. What Atlas Broker does is provide different financing methods and insurance plans to companies so they could rent big and expensive equipment. And not just equipment, Atlas Broker provides two types of financing and business insurance.  

Within those offered services, Atlas Broker claims to have the best specialist’s team available for equipment finance specifically. 


As a leading equipment financing company, Atlas Broker knows all the ins and outs of an easy way to finance your equipment. They have a wide range of equipment financing such as their most common one: excavator finance.  

Atlas Broker has built its unmatched reputation amongst all broker houses by having an exceptionally well-experienced and qualified team. All customers must do is choose the machinery of their requirement, and Atlas Broker’s teams will help them come up with suitable finance and insurance options.  

Atlas Broker understands that it can be difficult to fully finance this type of heavy machinery all by themselves especially for small family-owned businesses. So, Atlas Broker, as a cooperative equipment finance partner, offers its invaluable guidance to anyone who needs it. They provide financing for almost all types of equipment such as excavator finance in Melbourne. Below is a list of some of this equipment: 

  • Commercial equipment  
  • Engineering equipment 
  • Motor vehicles 
  • Woodworking machinery 
  • Trucks and Utes 
  • Even IT equipment 
  • Green equipment 
  • Earth Moving Equipment like excavator finance 


Excavator finance comes within the category of Earth Moving Equipment. Atlas Broker assists businesses in buying excavators and similar machinery and equipment that would otherwise be too difficult to purchase. With their team’s experience, they can help customers link up with funders that will not make the finding process more tiresome than it already is. They provide the best range of excavating equipment over which members from Atlas Broker’s team can negotiate on both the client’s behalf as well as on the funder’s behalf.  

The most convincing reason why a small family-owned business can trust Atlas Broker when opting for excavator finance is simply that Atlas Broker cares for the customers’ business and throughout the entire excavator financing process, they work alongside the customer and try to incorporate the customers’ demand at every step. They do not just treat the process as a business deal as other financing companies might do.  

They can do this because Atlas Broker works within a set of values that include caring, bravery, integrity, innovation and most importantly, respect. Their cooperative and capable finance brokers work along these principles to make the finance process easier and stress-free.  


When Atlas Broker started in 2011, their team consistently worked on coming up with solutions that would allow smaller businesses to buy this equipment and so in 2016 they were able to start their insurance and mortgage business. The reason for their success, they claim is the loyal support of their customers. And with that true support at their backs, Atlas Broker can have a variety of financing options available to help finance anything from excavator finance to commercial equipment financing. Some of these equipment and other finance options include: 

  • Finance leases 
  • Residential mortgages 
  • Commercial Finance 
  • Commercial Hire Purchase 

And more. The complete list of options and services can be found on Atlas Broker’s website.  

Atlas Broker provides its services all over Australia such as – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. What is a costly and stressful process, can be made easier and smooth going by the help of Atlas Broker’s impeccable services when it comes to things like excavator finance. All there is left to be said is, “what are you waiting for?”  

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