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Everything you should know about garage sheds

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When it comes to parking your vehicle, storing your valuables, or just doing some carpentry garage sheds have never gotten out of fashion but have gained popularity in the past few years. There are many kinds of garage sheds out of which three of them are really common and those are single vehicle shed, elite garage shed, and double wide garage shed. Let’s find out more about the characteristics of each one of them in detail. 


As obvious by its name this type of garage shed is ideal for single vehicle parking with a single shutter door. There are some preferable changes anyone can improvise like addition of ramps and colour of their own choice matching with the house. These types of garages are mostly used for motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and hobby cars but can certainly be used for any kind of car. You can always modernize some of the features in this garage like automatic door remote control system. 

You can further customize this type of garage into two floor shed if you want to single vehicle garage with some additional space for work, storing your valuables or just random stuff if necessary or for any other activity like a guest room for overnight guests or a studio for fun. In this type of double story garage the door comes with additional staircase for upper section.  


Second type of sheds are known as elite sheds for garage these sheds are made on special demand to serve the beauty purpose and compliment the modern construction of the overall house with addition of a gorgeous garage shed. These types of sheds offer multiple design options and are custom made on client’s demand with variety of design options to choose from along with single and double doors either made of slab or wood. There are many options available for these types of garage sheds to choose from for example you can always add hinges, shutters, decorative handles, skylights, and flower boxes to your personalized elite garage shed with options to add insulated flooring, ramps, gutters, overhead lights, insulated walls, and automatic door opening system. You don’t have to worry more about any of your garage shed needs just explain our experienced staff about your needs and wants for a perfect shed and leave the rest upon us without having to worry about unnecessary features and cost. 


Double wide span sheds are best known for multiple vehicles to be parked in one space to save additional cost and space of more than one vehicle. These types of garages are best for more than one families sharing same space for vehicle parking, for many churches, businesses, and schools. It is a double wide garage as told by its name it has 7 doors with two doors for entering and exiting. Its size ranges from 20 x 20 till 28 x 56. This type can also be customized according to each and every client’s needs and desires like addition of gutter spouts, auto doors, personalized flooring options etc. any possibility you name it and we will try to Implement it just the way you want and then decide the budget accordingly. 

You can opt for any of the three types depending on your preference and needs. One vehicle will be catered in a single shed garage easily, although there is another option as well, which is two story shed which is for two large vehicles as well as the upper section for the purpose of storage, any additional work, or to be used as a temporary guest room. In addition there are following services which can be additional for the client like insulated doors, some additional windows, and some beauty elements which adds up to aesthetics of the garage.  

Stop waiting and contact us today on our website and get informed about our garage sheds services and get your life in place with proper space for your valuables whether it be vehicles or something else without compromising on the beauty and style of your house. 

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