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Getting The Perfect Wedding Gown 

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Match the dress with wedding theme 

Your wedding is a very important day in your life and you don’t want anything to possibly ruin it. From the dress to the decorations, you want everything to be perfect and this is why, here is a suggestion that might get you your perfect event.  

Although you’ll be spending days catching-up with the latest trend and fashion, but selecting the most gorgeous dress is not the ultimate solution. It is very important that you match the dress with the event. This decision depends on whether your wedding will be a formal event at the church or a hall or it is going to be casual at the beach. It also depends on the theme of your party, if you’re going to set any. All the decorations should be complementing your dress. So, it is important that you match the wedding dress to the theme of your wedding. Instead of setting a theme according to your dress, it is better to set the theme and decorations and then choose a dress keeping those considerations in mind.  

Know what suits you  

There is a long list of designs and styles of the wedding dress. Moreover, every year some new fashion is released. So, make sure you don’t fall for that. Instead of keeping up with the fashion trends, it is better that you get to know the style and design that will complement your body. This might be difficult, but here are few details that can help you make the choice.  

  • Empire line gowns make short legs appear long 
  • Dropped waist gowns compensate for short waist 
  • V-neck give a slimming look so it’s good for chubby girls 
  • Detailed necks are ideal for girls with flatter chests 
  • Horizontal lines makes the body look wider 
  • Vertical lines make the body look thinner 

Common mistakes girls make when selecting the wedding dress includes making a dress too small with the idea of getting motivated to fit into it. While this may be a good motivation, the wedding dress is too good for such a risk so don’t make that mistake. Secondly, do not make the dress too revealing that it makes you self-conscious throughout the day.  

Trying out the wedding dress 

If you’ve passed the stage of knowing your body type and you’re now in the market, selecting the dress for your big day, it is highly suggested that you try as many dresses as you can. This may be exhausting, but it will help you figure out what compliments your body, the type of neck and the length of gown. You will get to know a lot about your body that you might never had known before. Once you buy the dress, do try it out once after 2 weeks to avoid loose fitting.  

Couture Wedding Dress 

If you’re one of those girls who have always dreamed about their wedding dress and you know the exact dress you want then a customised dress is the right option for you. This saves you the hustle of going from shop to shop to look for the right Wedding Gowns Melbourne. You can get a customised dress without the need to visit countless shops to get the right fit. Couture wedding dress gives you the following advantages,  

You don’t have to compromise on the style. The dress will be depicting your personality. You can make it the way you want and showoff your fashion sense. You can get the dress to perfectly compliment the parts of your body that you love and hide the parts that you don’t. 

Walking down the aisle in your customised dress will definitely give you the feeling of uniqueness. You can be dead sure that nobody ever wore this style before, unlike the case when you have your dress ready and then see your friend wearing a very similar dress on her wedding; just because she happened to go to the same shop you did.  

Another advantage of getting a a customised dress is that it will be a perfect fit for your body. Unless you lose some weight, it will not require alterations as this dress has been made specially for your body.  

It is not important that you get a designer make your dress. The plus point of customised dress is, you know exactly what you want so you can get a friend to make it for you or some brides take the time to make their wedding dress themselves.  

Finding Alterations near me 

If you’ve bought your wedding dress and you now seem to find it too loose or too tight, there’s nothing to worry about. You can get it altered according to your current figure, from the same place that you bought the gown from. Almost all wedding boutiques come with the option of alteration so you can take the gown to the same place where you bought the dress from. If you happen to not live there anymore, you can get it altered from any wedding shop near you. It doesn’t cost much.  

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