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Give your skin the treatment it deserves!

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A very important part of our look, if not the most important, is the skin. The skin is our blank canvas for the way we want to look for the day, and a smooth, even canvas can just elevate any look and make us look prettier than ever. Whereas in earlier trends, we saw influencers piling on layers and layers of color correctors, concealers and foundations to make sure our skin looked absolutely flawless, nowadays the trends have started to gravitate towards something a lot more natural. Fresh faced, dewy, natural skin is on its way in and more and more people are starting to move towards clearing their vanities of the tons and tons of foundations and concealers so that they can look as natural as possible. It is really an era where the most natural looks are in, as we can see so many people trying to highlight stuff that we previously considered to be a flaw, such as freckles or light sun burn. In the age of self acceptance and self love, it is only natural that we move towards trying to love ourselves for who we are naturally, without any layers of makeup to make our skin seem flawlessly clear and defined. 

However, this self love is much easier said than done. It can be a whole lot harder for those of us struggling with skin issues to embrace our skin than it is for those of us with minor skin issues, such as minor acne or some other skin issue. For those with highly sensitive or acne prone skin, or skin with any other issue, going bare faced can seem like an unattainable dream. We can end up piling on layers and layers of makeup to avoid the inevitable yet cruel and hurtful stares on the streets, but at the end of the day all this does is that it leads to our pores growing clogged and our skin reacting to the harsh chemicals and becoming even more aggravated. It can seem like a never ending cycle, with the only change being the fact that our skin just seems to keep getting worse. 

In this case, the only route that can seem open to us is to begin using intense skin care products to clear up our skin so that we too can feel comfortable in our own skin, rather than worrying constantly about the attention that our skin can attract. Skin care can be something even more confusing than makeup. There can be hundreds of products, each designed for a different purpose, and each seeming better than the others. Skin care companies often make huge claims – to aggressively attack bacteria, to declog pores like never before, to have us wake up with luminous skin like never before, to completely control excess oil or to moisturise our face so it is plumper than ever. The list of claims goes on and on, much like the list on ingredients in these products. Loaded with dozens upon dozens of chemicals, these skincare products can end up aggravating our skin and destroying it completely. The best choice for us then, is to buy natural skin care products.  

Natural skin care products are the only way that we can treat our skin and leave it fresh, supple, glowing and clean without ever being too harsh on it. Made of entirely organic and natural ingredients, these natural products are so much better over the long term, as they heal your skin without ever using any unnatural chemicals. These products can really take you back to the basics, when we used the power of the environment to our benefit. Having no parabens, fragrances or any artificial ingredients, these products are gentle not just on skin, but also on the environment. Therefore, we should all be making our way to buy natural skin care products. 

Natural skincare can be just as diverse as chemical skincare – we can have many products for hair, lips, face and so much more. The only difference is that with all these natural products, you’ll be giving your skin the luxury treatment that it really deserves. At Forest Natural Skincare, you can find every product to pamper your skin, and to leave it fresher, healthier, and glowier than ever, all with the help of the natural ingredients that we know and love so well.  

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