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Some Wedding Tips for All the Anxious Bridezillas!

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Is your wedding just round the corner, or has your soul mate just popped the question? No matter what, we know that some brides-to-be absolutely freak out with the idea of marriage. We understand, once the adrenaline of being newly engaged subsides, a rush of anxiety and fear strikes in. First, there is this prospect of stitching together a completely new life for yourself from million different pieces. Second, the inexperienced brides-to-be start to freak out due to all the impending wedding arrangements and the work that needs to be done. Let us tell you one thing, it is okay to be and feel overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong in that. Managing and perfecting a wedding isn’t an easy task, and there is obviously a lot of work and social pressures these days, to cope up with. The key is overcoming your anxiety, and not letting it get the best of the time you are going to remember for the rest of your life. You have to realise that stressing about all the preparations and feeling depressed of the mountainous work that needs to be done is only going to make it all hard for you. You know what? Be kind to yourself, and give yourself the liberty to loosen up a bit! 

Most of the brides feel inadequate and incompetent when they can’t seem to settle on things, and give their judgements. You might feel a bit too cross due to all the things that need your utmost attention and opinion, if you are a person who does not love planning. If all those visits to Sydney bridal shops, looking for décor items and choosing floral displays is giving you cold sweats, find someone who can handle these all for you. Pair up with your friend, bridesmaid, or maid of honour and start surfing the internet. Talk to happily married women who have gone through this strenuous process of planning, to get an expert opinion. Always remember that you are not a terrible or unhappy bride, if you do not enjoy the process of planning. It is just that not everybody loves to spend hours and days adding crowns and tiaras to their Pinterest boards.  

If you are suffering due to the deadlines looming nearby, don’t! Say a big yes to any and every help you can get. Even if you don’t have anyone currently offering help to you, just turn to a friend, colleague or acquaintance who you know can be a good person for that specific job, and who offered you help even months ago. There is nothing wrong in that! Find your saviour, as there are people who will genuinely want to be there for you throughout the wedding planning process. Take their help, and let your anxiety dry off. Meanwhile, if you are already a person who has social anxiety, becoming the centre of attention all of a sudden can also freeze you while arranging all the things for your weddings. Don’t be self-conscious, as you do not owe perfection to anyone. It is your wedding day! To hell with the world, if you want to elope and marry your better half on an island alone. Just don’t let the social anxiety get the best of you.  

As soon as your wedding approaches, it is about time you become a bit selfish. Yes there, we said it! You have to look after yourself, especially when you are nearing the events’ date. You will have relatives and friends calling you to pick them up from the airport, or endless calls regarding the theme of the wedding and other potential problems. You might be accommodating to people otherwise, but this is your wedding, and you need to stop being nice to people. Reject the requests that you don’t feel like fulfilling and can’t fit into your routine. Even if you are done with arrangements a week before your wedding, give yourself some time to take a rest before the big day hits. The best thing is to appoint a gatekeeper; either your mother or best friend etc. to oversee the people and engagements that demand your attention. Let things go! 

Spoiler Alert! You are going to love your wedding day! Make sure you cut yourself a lot of slack, by taking care of yourself and enjoying every little moment of the pre-wedding frenzy. Don’t let the anxiety get the best of you at the time you are going to remember for the rest of your life.  

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