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The Right Pattern And Size For Your Shirt

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Whether it’s winter in one part of the world or summer in another, it is so important to have versatility in your wardrobe in order to be ready for the different types of weather one will likely encounter through their day to day lives. When the conditions are cold, and you don’t want to be caught with a nip on your skin, you will hope to have a jacket or coat or some other piece of clothing lying around or in your car, so that you can put it on and be free of the uncomfortable feeling of the cold air on your back or arms. 

Get covered up 

Men in particular can appreciate the value of mens long sleeve shirts Australia. These can act as formal wear in times of great need at a dinner party or some other get together that requires something more than just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They can also go well with casual wear, when there is nothing else at hand to throw over your torso and upper body. If you need to roll the sleeves up with some sort of cuffed pattern, than can look pretty good and are some sort of fashion statement in front of those who value such looks. 

The variations 

It’s really nice to have plain patterns across the shirts if you are that sort of person, who just wants something understated in the public’s eye. But if you want bold stripes and colours, you might need to dig around and shop around a bit more to find your thing of choice. There are plenty of shops out there that cater for all sorts of markets and all different shapes and sizes. Your trick will need to be one that sees you keep patient and willing to find the right bargain in the right place. 

What else to accompany 

You can’t, of course, just wear a shirt. You need the rest of the outfit to go along with it. So, looking for the right pair of pants then becomes as important. You want your clothes to be tailored quite nicely, so they fit your body well and don’t look too big or are perhaps too small. Get the opinion of Style Shirts to weigh in on how you look – and they will be able to give you honest feedback, so you don’t feel like you are in it alone in the end. 


Shoes can make a big statement about your outfit, and can really complement the shirt on your back. The wrong style or colour of shoes can really ruin the way you look – or marginally detract from what you had in mind for your overall look at that party or that gathering. So, once again, consider the twins you are going to put on your feet in great detail. Their type of material is as important as their size, so be prepared to go through several types before finalising which one will be the one you opt for. 






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