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Things To Do To Get Your Iphone Repaired

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iPhone is an expensive smart device which makes the life of a person a lot easier but at the same time dig a hole in your pocket as well. It’s not about one-time investment only rather with the time whenever any kind of damage or accident would happen with your phone, you will have to spend a hefty amount of money to get it repaired especially if you do not have AppleCare Protection or the Warranty under your belt. In that scenario, you would have to opt for the third party resources to get your phone repaired or screen replaced. In most of the cases, people take signing up for AppleCare Protection plan for granted or their warranties are void; it is, therefore, important for a person to be aware of the means to get its phone replaced, repaired or fixed in a correct way without having to spend a lot of money on it.  

There are many vendors and repairers across Australia who would do the needful but it is important that you get it done through the right and authentic resource which would be no one in comparison to Apple itself provided you have the warranty or Applecare cushion under your belt. Otherwise SideKick Mobile has been doing a great job cross over when it comes to repairing Apple iPhones or replacing screens. One must bear in mind that if the damage to the phone is about the screen then it is better to give it to a third party vendor as he can fix it there and then by taking up some time.  

Many Apple users do not know what to do with their device if it comes across an accident other than taking it to the third-party vendor. Considering this, below are given a list of steps that one must opt for to ascertain if he could get any cushion from the Apple or not before heading towards the third party vendors to do the job at hand. 

Check Coverage Status 

The first thing you must do is rush to the official site of Apple to see if your warranty is still prevalent or if you can still buy the AppleCare protection at this point or not. You will be requiring to enter the serial number of your device into the site to know where it stands in terms of warranty and protection. Getting protection from AppleCare is the best solution but if you cannot have it then look out for the other means to get your iPhone 7 screen replacement. 

Support Coverage 

The next window will show you pathways towards two options, one with the protection and warranty and second, with no warranty or protection. Choose which fits the bill then next few windows would ask you to describe the damage and the way it should be repaired. Then the cost plans would be shared for each option.  

Pick Up A Pricing Plan 

Depending upon the warranty or protection you have under your belt you can choose a price option and then act on it accordingly. For instance, if it is an issue with the hardware then send it to Apple, if it is about the iPhone screen repair in Brisbane then apple service centers would do the needful just rightly. If you have neither warranty nor protection then you can opt for the third party authentic vendor who could do the job at reasonable prices. 

Make An Appointment or Send For Repair 

The next thing up is to make an appointment with Apple for the phone repair or iPhone 7 screen replacement, you can choose from the list of repair centers available in your vicinity and then follow the steps to confirm your appointment. Another thing which can be done is to send the phone for repair via mail. Both options are viable in case there’s a protection. Choose your mailing plan and then make the payment via credit card accordingly. It will give you an estimate of how many days would it take up.  

SideKick Mobile 

When nothing works at Apple’s end in terms of warranty and Apple protection then it is best to opt for the Sidekick Mobile in Australia, especially when the matter is about the replacement of the broken screen. 

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