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Things You Need To Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions 

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Applying fake eyelashes every day requires a lot of courage and patience, and not to forget a lot of time. We barely have the time to use an eyelash curler before heading out to the college or an important meeting, who would want to spend ages wearing the fake eyelashes. So, here, the lash extension and their ever-increasing trend comes as a no surprise. The sexy flutter that your lashes give daily after getting the extensions done is something we all would want. However, it becomes a question be pondered upon is to what lengths will you be willing to go to get them? Don’t worry, you don’t have to think about this a lot as getting eyelash extensions is completely safe, if you are heading out to a salon that’s trustworthy and reliable, and getting the type of extension that suits your face. Similarly, different types of glue are used based on one’s sensitivity. The full application process takes up to two hours, and you can easily pull off the extensions for a complete year if you get touch-ups every three to four weeks. So, putting all your doubts aside, you can’t go blind or contract an eye infection if the lash extension has been done in a professional manner. Special cases aside, there is no harm in going through the procedure. 

Getting Your Lashes Redone: 

Most of the people are hesitant before getting the extensions because they think its high maintenance. What you need to know is that the extensions last through a full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, which means that you have six to eight weeks. Having said that, you need to remember that every person out there has a different lash growth period, so you never know yours might slightly vary. Therefore, experts suggest that you should get the lash maintenance every three to four weeks, if you want to maintain a full look and keep it working for a long period of time. Eyelash extensions are done in such a way that each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash. If you don’t want to keep the extension for a long amount of time, they will naturally fall out alongside the growth cycle of your lashes. There are places like Rebel Gold that can guide you better on what needs to be done.

Damage To Natural Eyelashes: 

There is a common misconception that extensions ruin your natural lashes, so let it remain a misconception only. It is totally false. If the procedure is followed properly and you keep your eyes away from water for at least 12-24 hours, you won’t get any damage to your natural or fake eyelashes for that matter. Make sure that you do not tug or pull the extensions or rub your eyes because this can cause lash loss and damage to your natural eyelashes as well. Some people even after getting the pre made fans eyelash extensions done still want to use mascara. They can, but they need to apply it with a very light hand. Just use it on the tips of the extensions and not along the extensions. Using it on the base can make your lashes clumpy. 

Choosing A Salon: 

Getting the extensions is not a joke, so you need to be serious and vigilant about the salon you are opting for. Find someone who is certified to apply lashes, is a professional and use professional products. They must have been properly trained with a good experience in the area, so you know there would be no chances of any damage to your lashes or more importantly, your eyes. Research, research, and research. Go to multiple salons, take opinions and, search for reviews and take your time deciding. You can also look at before-and-after photos from the salon’s portfolio or take an appointment to see the live procedure being done. 

Here were some of the basic yet significant things you must know before getting eyelash extensions done. When it comes to looking appealing and beautiful, believe us, nothing can make your personality stand out as much as eyelashes can. So, it is a good decision, you just need to find the right place to get it done with. 

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