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Tips For Striking Birthday Invites & Templates

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Birthday parties have become quite a thing in Australia and when it comes to kids then a party is not considered one unless there’s a properly designed invite to it. Gone are the days when you could simply text message your guest about the date, time and venue of the event. Now is the era of aesthetics and visual appeal which require you to be very proper with the designs and templates of your invitations. Hiring a graphic designer to do the job at hand could be quite some amount, therefore, no need to go that way rather you can simply go on a website designated to the subject matter, choose your template, customize it as per your own personality, export it and send it away. Things have been made that easier by the Pepixel in Australia. They allow you to print the invites yourself or could even do this job on your behalf and then, would send the parcel at your place so you could distribute them as per requirement. Isn’t it amazing? However, you have to be very good with the right and effective use of the given templates and even the customization part because that matters the most. Considering this, below are given a few tips to help you out with it, such as: 

Play With Bright Colors 

Once you have finalized the birthday invitation templates, the next task is to start customizing and personalizing it as per your requirements. However, you need to make the ‘birthday’ scream in the card design, therefore, go for the bright colors to pop out the content or to make it look more visible than others. Goes without saying that rainbow colors look more eye-catching than monotoned or decent ones. Rule of thumb is to opt for the contrasting color schemes. 

Decorative Fonts 

One must go with the 3 font styles in its birthday online invite Australia, you can go as crazy with the font styles as you want and no one would bat an eye. But ensure that your choice should not lose out on the elegance part. You can go with the decorative font for heading 1 when in doubt, similarly, can go for another decorative font in type 2 heading while when it comes to the third font style then you should opt for the plain text. Bear in mind that the overall body should look visually appealing and in line. 

Opt For The Bold Color 

Another way to make your card design striking and discerning are to use a bold header to add on the design. You can opt out for the colorful images of different kinds of prints. For instance, you can use floral prints as a bold header on a white background then use with the matching color fonts in the body. You can also check out the given templates to have a better idea regarding how to play along the bold headers to attract eyes in the invite designs. 

Set The Opacity of Background 

One cannot make the text of birthday invitation templates body standout on a busy background, therefore, you should use the color filter to serve the job at hand for this matter. Pick a color that you want to filter then set its opacity, bear in mind that, you do not have to completely let go of the background image while using opacity rather it should not get obscured. Our purpose is to make text stand out instead of eliminating the background.  

Pick A Focal Point 

It is important that you pick a focal point in your card’s design and let other aspects of the designs converge on it at the center. Generally, the focus is given on an image in the design which grabs the attention of the people in the first attempt then they start looking here and there for further information. You have to be very clear about which element you want to put more emphasis upon then work around other elements accordingly.  

You can also use borders to give your birthday invite a decent look especially when you are using images in the card. If so, then you can use the same color border as given in the image.  

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